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Other Selves

The idea that everyone (sort of) carries around multiple selves doesn’t seem to be getting as much of a surprised reaction as you’d think it would. If anything, people are shrugging their shoulders, then pointing out some stuff worth pointing out… When the pump was invented, the brain was like a pump. When plumbing was […]

Magical Mice

Before I get into the magic mice, I should probably explain about the magic ravens. Even if you don’t follow the old Nordic religion of Asatru, you’ve probably heard about the one-eyed god Odin (maybe from Thor or Sandman comics, both of which are epically fun to read). Rack your connectome a little, and you […]

What's a Connectome?

I’ll give you two hints: 1) You cannot buy one. 2)¬†You cannot eat one. Despite these two facts (and the fact that my word processor strongly suspects “connectome” is not a word at all), I will bravely attempt to blog about what a connectome is. Because the concept of a connectome, I think, is about […]

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