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Clearing Things Up

I’ve spent the past few weeks considering various aspects of the techniques and concepts I’ve been writing about here, and I realized I’ve made at least one error that I consider to be pretty serious. I’ve also failed to make some crucial distinctions clear – and in doing so, I’ve done injustice to some of […]

Questions Answered

In the interest of transparency and open dialogue, I’ll be structuring this post in the popular “Q&A” format, which will be familiar to fans of talk shows, WoW conventions, and the Gestapo. So without further ado, here are a bunch of questions and answers I made up. Q. Did something completely awesome happen in the […]

Signs and Visions

A.k.a. Form Constants in Connectomic Context: Abnormal Visuocortical Activation May Reflect Large-Scale Connectivity Alterations in Brain Functional Networks In a¬†widely cited paper, Ermentrout, Cowan, et al. (1978) discussed visuocortical correlates for the¬†geometric patterns sometimes hallucinated (or pseudohallucinated) by patients experiencing simple partial (“petit mal“) seizures, migraines, and several other conditions. The authors correlated these perceived […]

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