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Clearing Things Up

I’ve spent the past few weeks considering various aspects of the techniques and concepts I’ve been writing about here, and I realized I’ve made at least one error that I consider to be pretty serious. I’ve also failed to make some crucial distinctions clear – and in doing so, I’ve done injustice to some of […]

Questions Answered

In the interest of transparency and open dialogue, I’ll be structuring this post in the popular “Q&A” format, which will be familiar to fans of talk shows, WoW conventions, and the Gestapo. So without further ado, here are a bunch of questions and answers I made up. Q. Did something completely awesome happen in the […]

Signs and Visions

A.k.a. Form Constants in Connectomic Context: Abnormal Visuocortical Activation May Reflect Large-Scale Connectivity Alterations in Brain Functional Networks In a widely cited paper, Ermentrout, Cowan, et al. (1978) discussed visuocortical correlates for the geometric patterns sometimes hallucinated (or pseudohallucinated) by patients experiencing simple partial (“petit mal“) seizures, migraines, and several other conditions. The authors correlated these perceived […]

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