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Sharing Thoughtspace

A couple posts back, I asked what you thought it’d be like to not have a self. Today, I want to ask a related question with a very different set of implications. Exactly where are the boundaries of your self? Maybe you’d say its limits are defined by the physical boundaries of your nervous system. […]

fMRI images of a woman's brain throughout an orgasm.

Sexy Neuroscience

Q. Would you like to hear about a study that involves the keywords “fMRI” and “orgasms?” A. Yes. Yes you would. A team of neuroscientists at Rutgers are working to unravel the neurophysiological correlates of female sexual arousal and climax. What they’re finding, intriguingly enough, is (gasp!) that creativity and empathy are just as crucial […]

Kinds of Selves

What do you think it’d be like to not have a self? Take a moment and actually try to imagine it: a subjective experience that’s just as rich with sensory experiences, thoughts, and feelings as your life is now – but entirely devoid of an “I” to assign them to. If your mind works anything […]

A Dangerous Addiction

“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” – Confucius Today, I want to ask an important scientific question: how the hell does Jonah Lehrer write such insightful articles so quickly? Osama bin Laden was killed Sunday night (Monday morning in Pakistan’s time zone), and by 10:30 this morning, Lehrer had posted […]

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