“Getting Together to Map the Brain” — Podcast 1: Joshua Vogelstein


Here it is – the first Connectome podcast! Join me as I talk with Joshua Vogelstein, a leading connectomics researcher, about the Open Connectome Project, an international venture to make data on neural connectivity available to everyone, all over the world. It’s like Google Maps for your brain.

Click here to play or download:

If the SoundCloud link doesn’t play, you can download the original mp3.

We’ve learned a lot while working on this first episode, and future ones will be much cleaner and higher-fi. Anyway, enjoy, and feel free to email us questions and suggestions for next time!


(Produced by Devin O’Neill at The Armageddon Club)

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2 Responses to ““Getting Together to Map the Brain” — Podcast 1: Joshua Vogelstein”

  1. Micah says:

    Scientists counted the Neurons from a “Brain Soup” and found out we have about 84 billion NOT 100 billion http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/blog/2012/feb/28/how-many-neurons-human-brain

    Regarding your first video, actually scientists do have a plausible argument for where and how memory is stored in the brain.

    • Thanks for those very informative links, Micah – I always take it as a compliment when someone takes the time to point out my mistakes or out-of-date info. I’ve changed my sidebar text to reflect the new discovery about neuron population, and I’ll write a post soon about that new research on memory storage. All the best!

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