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The Listeners from Below

Deep within your brain, they are listening. In still silence, they await signals from afar – dim echoes of distant calls. And when they hear what they’ve been waiting for… they will awaken. They are known as neural stem cells – and not only are they real; researchers have just made some major discoveries about […]


What Your Neural Stem Cells Aren’t Telling You

In this article for Scientific American, I explore a new study that found how “leaky” communication between nerve cells can actually be a good thing. In fact, these signal leaks seem to be crucial for triggering new brain cells to form. Plus, leaky connections like these seem to enable neuroglia – the brain’s mysterious “quiet cells,” which support and influence […]

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Brains and Brilliance

Where in the brain, exactly, is intelligence? Is a high I.Q. just a result of a flawed test – or do high-I.Q. brains have specific, measurable differences from others? Answers await, Intrepid Reader – but first we have to make sure we’re asking the right questions. Let’s start with the big news: a study just published […]

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