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Sexy Neuroscience IV

Every culture and subculture has its own rituals of greeting and affection – handshakes, backslaps, fist-bumps, hugs and so on – but when it comes to erotic contact, cultural differences seem to melt away into something more primal: Touch that just feels good for its own sake. In fact, a new study has confirmed that […]


Sexy Neuroscience III

Female orgasm is a topic shrouded in mystery – not just for sexually awkward boyfriends, but for biologists too. We know, for example, that lots of animals have clitorises, yet a surprising number of female mammals don’t seem to experience orgasms at all. This has led researchers to some new discoveries and debates – and […]


Why I Love and Hate "Game"

Yes, it’s that special time of year again – time for flamboyant bouquets and chalky candy to appear at office desks – time for Facebook pages to drown in cloying iconography – time for self-labeled “forever aloners” to dredge the back alleys of OKCupid in last-ditch desperation – and time for me to load up my trusty gatling […]

I Be Strokin'

Watching another person being softly caressed activates very similar brain regions to those that actually allow us to feel a soft touch, says a new study. The sensation of gentle touch is conveyed by a specific type of neuron – tactile C (CT) afferents – found only in hairy skin. These neurons respond most strongly to soft […]

Desirable Memories

Women seem to remember information better if they hear it in a low-pitched male voice, a new study suggests. But the conclusions drawn from the study’s data – namely, that women’s memories are attuned to the voices of sexually desirable men – are a bit shakier. Let’s break this research down and see what it’s really […]

Do you have any idea how hard it was to keep this whole post SFW?

Sexy Neuroscience II

a.k.a. The Revised Homunculus A new study has mapped brain sensory fields for the clitoris, vagina, uterine cervix, and nipples – and it turns out that nipple stimulation activates very similar responses to those evoked by genital contact. Yes, that’s right: fMRI scans are, once again, teaching men how to be better at sex – […]

fMRI images of a woman's brain throughout an orgasm.

Sexy Neuroscience

Q. Would you like to hear about a study that involves the keywords “fMRI” and “orgasms?” A. Yes. Yes you would. A team of neuroscientists at Rutgers are working to unravel the neurophysiological correlates of female sexual arousal and climax. What they’re finding, intriguingly enough, is (gasp!) that creativity and empathy are just as crucial […]

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