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Lies! All Lies!

Stimulating a certain brain region can influence our tendency to lie or tell the truth, a new study shows. People who receive transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to their left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) tend to lie more often, while people who receive TMS to their right DLPFC are more likely to tell the truth. Stimulation […]

Smell and Self-Control

Our sense of smell is intimately linked with our ability to make good decisions, a new study shows. This might sound like a weird idea, but once you understand the underlying neuroscience, it actually makes perfect sense. It all comes down to a brain region called the orbitofrontal cortex (OFC), which is crucial for an odd […]

Craving Control

It’s easy to train your brain to crave healthy food, a new study shows – all you’ve got to do is learn to pay attention to the right things. When we’re thinking about what to snack on, one particular brain region – the ventral medial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC) – leaps into action, helping us consider which tastes […]

Mind Control

A comfy new “brain cap” will soon allow users to remotely control robots with their thoughts. By “comfy” I mean “noninvasive” – instead of sticky electrode patches or needles, the cap uses sensors embedded in its fabric to detect electrical signals along the scalp. Just slip it on, and you can start surfing the internet […]

Inside the Vegetative Mind

For the first time, scientists have successfully communicated with patients trapped in vegetative bodies. As a report published in the journal NeuroImage explains, these patients’ thought patterns come through quite clearly on an fMRI scanner, and they’re able to respond to questions in ways that demonstrate that they understand what’s being asked: To answer yes, [one patient] […]

Illusions of Motion

A new study has found that people will hallucinate that objects are moving when a certain area of their visual cortex is stimulated. Though previous research has shown that visuocortical stimulation can cause people to see lights and colors, this study – published in the journal PLoS ONE – is the first to induce the illusion […]

Feedback Power

Organizations around the country are harnessing feedback loops to retrain human behavior. As this feature from Wired reports, providing people with real-time feedback about their actions, then rewarding them for changing those actions – even by just acknowledging that a positive change has been made – often leads to measurable behavioral changes. Feedback loops exist […]

Hidden Vision

Human eyes may contain a hidden talent – the ability to sense the earth’s magnetic field. Although – as far as anyone knows – humans lack the cerebral hardware to visually perceive magnetic fields, we do carry some of the necessary sensory equipment. And some recent experiments confirm that, in the right context, that equipment might be secretly […]

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